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'Sailor Moon' Icon Challenge

pretty soldier icons

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Hello and welcome to sm_ichallenge. :) Anyone can join and enter so long as they follow the rules.

- two icon submissions are allowed per week.
- when you post your icon, post the IMG SRC version & the URL.
- you may not take an icon made by someone else and edit it to your liking, then enter the contest with it. anyone doing this will be banned.
- you can choose to have text on the icon, or not. if the challenge calls for text (ie: lyric challenge, song challenge) it's okay if the text is illegible so long as the text stands out and you can tell that there's actually text on there, although you may not be able to read what it says exactly.

You may submit your icon by posting a comment to the challenge post. Your icons will be un-screened so you're free to post them wherever you want, this is a non-anonymous icon challenge. You're allowed to enter icons from Monday-Friday. Voting will take place on Saturday-Sunday. Results will be posted Sunday night, or Monday morning.

bentfire - Owner.
baine - Co-mod.
Contact them if you have any problems whatsoever.

charmed_chorus / charmed_test / good_xmen_icons
mka_challenge / oth_ichallenge / whoresque

Want to be an affiliate of sm_ichallenge? Comment here!

{layout made by bentfire; credit for the overrides goes to tableau & the header is a modified wallpaper originally by Moon Wave}


(Click the subject to see the winners for each contest!)

Week 01: Princess Serenity (banners by sailor_phobos)
Week 02: Outer Senshi
Week 03: Sailor Stars Episode #8
Week 04: Manga/Anime Group Pictures
Week 05: Pain (banners by baine, contradictz, smugglers_prize & trinity_tragedy)
Week 06: PGSM: Serenity & Endymion (banners by trinity_tragedy)
Week 07: SuperS Villains (banners by smugglers_prize)
Week 08: Friends (Minor Characters) (banners by contradictz)
Week 09: Sailor Moon Infinity Artbook Scans (banners by smugglers_prize)
Week 10: Lyrical Challenge to the song “This is the Moment” from the musical Jekyll & Hyde (banners by trinity_tragedy)
Week 11: Inner Senshi Transformations & Attacks (banners by contradictz)
Week 12: Usagi & Mamoru (banners by smugglers_prize)
Week 13: SM CD Covers
Week 14: Smile! (PGSM Visual Book Scans)
Week 15: SuperS Movie
Week 16: Black Lady
Week 17: Ann/Ail
Week 18: Sailor Stars Episode #2
Week 19: Funny Icons – Enter Here!!


WEEK A: trinity_tragedy
WEEK B: smugglers_prize
WEEK C: contradictz {on hiatus}