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Finally! An Update!

Hey everyone! Sorry there haven't been any updates in a while. Now that I'm in Japan, my time zone is very different from bouncing_chibi's, so we haven't been able to talk much.

We've been trying to revitalize the community all summer. We've even tried new formatting. We don't get enough icons to have a challenge anymore. Chibi and I have been really sad with how little steam the community has had as of late.

After extensive talks, we've decided that we've tried many things and that we get less response with each new thing that we try.

I would have posted earlier in the week, but I had a bit of an accident and haven't been on the computer too much.

Soooooooooooooooo, this is what we decided to do.


In order to continue this community, we need members who are willing to participate. A lot of our current members haven't been interested anymore, even as we tried to change up our challenge styles and give more of what you all wanted.

What we're proposing is this: We want to continue this community. We want participants in our challenges. We are looking to take someone on as a Publicity Moderator. Your responsibilites would be to promote the community to groups and sites and people who seem interesting in what we are all about.

If someone is interested, please comment here! After two weeks with a publicity moderator, we will try again to have a challenge. [Plus, maybe this extended break will help our current members get inspired once again!]

If we get a good amount of participation, this community will continue to thrive.

This is the fairest thing that we could think of because we don't want to see everything go down the tubes.

Please comment if interested (or with anything else, for that matter!//Suggestions, death threats, etc....//)
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