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Challenge #57: Christmas in July

Okay, so nobody created any icons this week save for framedinblood, who I dearly thank for having done so.

Because of this, there will be no polls this week. bouncing_chibi and I have also decided that there won't be a challenge this week. This gives y'all a break to rest up and get your creative iconning juices flowing again. Plus, it gives us a chance to decide on a new system.

The last time we had an iconning rut, we changed the format over to this. Obviously, this hasn't helped to revitalize fact, more members are leaving us than ever! I only see the same few faces every week.

So...we'll change our formatting again. If this doesn't work...well, I don't know what will. I guess we could always advertise the community, but that's kind of like selling out, ne?

Chibi and I have been listening to your suggestions...we just haven't been online at the same time to talk about what we should do.

If you want your input shared, if you have new thoughts/opinions, them here. We want to hear from you. We want this community to be about what YOU, our loyal iconners want. Please help us achieve that goal!
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