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Challenge #56: Winners!!

Sooooooooo I didn't see the show last night, which means that I'll be seeing it tomorrow AND that you have until whenever I post the polls to get your icons in............if we get any more submissions, that is! We only have one lonely icon entered so far---please submit? I was so excited for this challenge! :-/ Pleaaaaaaaaaaaase enter? With a cherry on top--AND sprinkles??

Anyway! We have winners from last week's contest! Sorry again about the mess-up in the poll, guys!

First Place: framedinblood with
Second Place: everlastingluv1 with
Third Place: everlastingluv1 with

Congrats to all!

And remember--enter this week's challenge!!

Oooh, and trinity_tragedy and the_sweet---Come out of hiding and come on AIM! said that you wanted to beta/edit my story, and I have a nice, sparkly Sailor Moon ficcie begging for someone to look it over! How can you resist? *puppy eyes* Plus, I'm stuck with the one that I was showing you back in January and I need motivation.......I'll give you a nice, sexy Mamo-chan poster--autographed in chocolate! *You too, Chibi!! I need my betas b/c you all have abandoned me and I now have no one...WAIL!* Besides, Mamo-Chan + Chocolate = irresistable...especially when you throw in that pesky loincloth that we've been kicking around SMRFF for DECADES!
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