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Please don't forget to enter this week's challenge!!!! The contest will end tomorrow, Saturday, at 8 p.m. EST!! If I don't have it up that early, you have extra time to submit icons, but, as always, don't be mad if I post the poll while you are in the middle of making one or submitting it!

We only have one entry so far...and remember, we need at LEAST seven to have a poll.

Also, if you didn't vote in this week's poll, please take the time to do so now! The poll ends at 8 p.m. EST, though if I don't have it up that early, you have extra time to vote!

I'm still not sure if I'm seeing Aida tonight or tomorrow night (we have rolling tickets), so I'll either be late with tonight's results or tomorrow's poll (IF we have enough entries!!!)

I'd love to see more participation, guys--it's summertime, so there's no school excuse anymore! ^.~
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