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Challenge #57: Christmas in July

Blank: Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Link here!

Image: Image 1
Image 2
[Thank you to
framedinblood for the pretty picture that she found, even if we can't use it this week! I love you all!!]

Sub-Theme: Christmas music! You can use lyrics from ANY Christmas song you'd like--just post the name of the song and the artist as you submit your entry! Remember, you need at least three consecutive words from the song in your icon!
The rules and guidelines for this type of challenge are as follows:

(1) You may enter up to THREE icons each week, one from each category. More than one icon in given category will result in disqualification.
(2) When giving an overall theme, you must relate your icon to said theme in some way, which is open for interpretation. For example, if the overall, general theme is "use the color pink," then I expect all three icons to utilize some shade of pink. [The blanket theme this week is CHRISTMAS.]
(3) All icons must fit LJ standards--they can be no bigger than 40k or 100x100 pixels. They must be in one of three formats--".gif," ".jpg," or ".png."
*(4)* BLANKS are images that are already 100x100 pixels. You may ONLY work with the blank provided--you cannot include other photographs, find a bigger version of the picture, etc. YOU MUST USE THE BASE PROVIDED.
*(5)* IMAGES are huge pictures that you are given a link to. You can crop the picture anyway that you want, as long as it comes out to 100x100 pixels. You may ONLY work with the image provided--you cannot include other photographs, find a bigger version of the picture, etc. YOU MUST USE THE IMAGE PROVIDED. If you find a version of the picture with higher resolution, comment and let the mod know--we'll up the better version for EVERYONE to use so that it is fair.
*(6)* The SUB-THEME is a theme that is added ON TOP OF the weekly theme. For example, if the theme is the color pink, your sub-theme might be to use lyrics from the song "Pink" by Aerosmith while STILL using the color pink in your icon. Sub-themes can be anything: Lyrics, structural requirements, etc. The best part about a sub-theme? YOU CAN CHOOSE ANY GRAPHIC THAT MEETS ALL REQUIREMENTS. ^_^
(7) When posting, be sure to include the URL from each image in addition to whether or not you would like a banner!! Also, to point out the obvious, icons must be submitted via "img src=" so that we can all see the pretty picture IN ADDITION to the link! :-)

Questions or comments? Please post them below and further clarification will be given!

The icons will be due Saturday at 8 p.m.! At this time, I will put up a new poll!

Hopefully that's a little more choice for you this week! You have two images to choose from and any song at all for the sub-theme! You know, the two images made me wonder...what if we did something like a choice of two or three blanks, maybe...? *muses* Ah, I don't know about you, but I really like this week's blank...if I have time, I want to make an icon, too!! So pretty! <3s Naoko-sama!!
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