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Bouncing Chibi

Challenge #58: I Am.... Eternal

Hi, all! ^^;; As promised, here is the new challenge. I hope I see more entries this time around.

Deadline for these is next Friday, August 18th at 9pm EST.

The links to the IMAGES:

And the THEME:
An icon featuring Eternal Sailor Moon.

Now, for the rules and guidelines ;)
(1) You may enter up to TWO icons per challenge. One per category.
(2) All icons must fit LJ standards--they can be no bigger than 40k or 100x100 pixels. They must be in one of three formats--".gif," ".jpg," or ".png".
(3) When posting, be sure to include the URL from each image in addition to whether or not you would like a banner!! Also, to point out the obvious, icons must be submitted via "img src=" so that we can all see the pretty picture IN ADDITION to the link! :-)
(4) Please don't submit old icons (from either yourself or steal someone else's work!)

Questions or comments? Please post them below and further clarification will be given!
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