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Hey All!

^^;; Although baine Will be away for sometime, we'll keep going with this community. I hope the rest of you are still able to stick with us!

Also, we've come to an agreement!

There will be a maximum of TWO icons per contestant.
- You may choose ONE of TWO images given.
- And you can pick your own image to make an icon based on a theme given.

Stuff that will be the same:
You must post each submission with a URL link for the image as well as whether you want banners or not.
Also, mention whether you would like banners or not... although,

Something else we must resolve:
Banner makers. XD;; I know we have a few active, but we need to make a new schedule as of yet.

^_^ And there you have it. C'est vrais simplement, n'est pas? (I think I just butchered the language XD)

Sorry about the extra week of delay on the new challenges, X_x; Just when I thought my schedule would settle down, other things crop up and squash my free time. T_T

So, here's hoping that your two-week break from icon challenges here XD gives you some extra energy! ^____________________________________^

Please await during the next half hour to an hour for the new challenge.


Edit: Uhm, XD;; Any suggestions besides banners as to what the prize may be? ^^;;
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