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Take II

Okay, sorry to make this REALLY brief--I just typed a whole entry for y'all--I don't have time to do it again!! I got one of those pretty "Page can't Be Displayed" things while hitting update--and of course, trusting person I am, I didn't copy my whole entry for in case this happened!

Anyway, I don't have time to make the poll all over right now b/c I only had time to do it once. >.<

Stupid LJ. Anyway, b/c of the stupid timeout thing, you guys get a lucky break! Extension until tomorrow [Sunday]--say 6 p.m., EST? To enter!

Chibi also told me that I didn't ever post poll results last time around--gomen nasai! I didn't know! I'll do that tomorrow, too!

Gotta run--and this time, I'm copying the text for just in case!
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